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During the day in Val Thorens fair weather with a few clouds. Highs: 4 degrees. Freezing level at 2800 meter.

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A new Maurienne-Tarentaise shuttle which flies through the air like an eagle!

A glide over 1300 m… 1 minute 45 seconds of pure pleasure in breathtaking surroundings, from the 3 Valleys peak at 3230 m, at the top of the Bouchet chairlift in the Orelle resort, over to the Val Thorens crest, at 3000 m, at the top of the Thorens Funitel.

From Orelle to Val-Thorens, suspended from a steel cable, comfortably installed in a cocoon of fabric which will take you over the 100 km/h barrier, you can experience what it feels like to be a great bird of prey, soaring over infinite spaces.

Access is reserved to skiers by the Bouchet chairlift, in the Orelle resort.
The glide costs 52 €, and tickets are purchased on-site.
Please note that there are a limited number of places.

Length: 1300 m
Altitude on departure: 3230 m
Altitude on arrival: 3000 m
Maximum height above the ground: 250 m
Speed: from 65 to 105 km/h
Age: from 8 to 88
Weight: Minimum 40 kg / maximum 120 kg

The use of the Tyrolienne is subject to weather conditions.


Thibault : «When it came to letting go and jumping forward, my heart was beating at 200 miles an hour. And then I experienced nothing but sheer happiness, 2 minutes of pure ecstasy where I saw the mountains in a whole new way. You glide right over them, you feel completely free, at one with nature without disturbing it. »

Ingrid : «It’s fantastic because you don’t really get that feeling of vertigo, even though you’re almost 300 metres above the ground! I would definitely recommend it to everyone, even if the start is impressive to say the least... »

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