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Soleil Today's weather Last update : 01/22/2018 at 14:24

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During the day in Val Thorens snowfall. -3 degrees in the morning to -2 a few hours later.

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7:00 am  Road open between Val thorens and Les Menuires. Have a safe trip


5:30 pm : The latest weather forecasts announce a warning for the night from Sunday to Monday.

🚔 The road between Val Thorens and Les Menuires will be closed from 8pm tonight until further notice.

This meteorological event will materialize in particular by heavy snowfall from 6pm (60 to 100 cm this night) and wind up to 100km/h in Val Thorens.

The measures taken are therefore the following:
- Releases of avalanches, on the ski area and on the road can be decided. 🚨 Avalanch risk will be 5/5 tomorrow.
- We recommend to avoid pedestrian circulation in the station from 6pm tonight.
- To facilitate the snow removal by our team, we ask you to get to the car parks as soon as possible

In these exceptional measures, the restriction of movement involves:
- Move away from roofs to avoid to snowfall
- Do not move alone
- Avoid staying near embankments including in the resort
- Do not walk behind buildings.

The snow removal services will have to work continuously to evacuate the snow fallen in abundance.

As with every situation of this type, we will keep you informed as soon as possible of the changing conditions and the situation.

3 pm : The road between Fontaine le Puits and Saint Jean de Bellville is reopened.

11:30 am : Preventive triggering of avalanches procedure the road is going to be closed from 2:00pm and 3:00pm between Fontaine le Puits and Saint Jean de Bellville.

10am : Road open between Val thorens and Les Menuires. Have a safe trip

0:40 am : Emergency accommodation open at The Gymnase in Saint Martin de Belleville. Emergency accommodation in Les Menuires is full

0:20 am : Emergency accommodation open in Val Thorens at Forum Joseph Fontanet


11pm :  Emergency accommodation open in Centre Sportif des Bruyères in Les Menuires.

10:30pm : The road between Val Thorens and les Menuires is closed

6:15pm : Driving in the Belleville Valley is very difficult for the moment

3pm: Snow equipments are an obligation in the Belleville's valley.




4 pm : Traffic report: Given the complicated weather conditions forecast for this weekend, we would advise people travelling to prepare thoroughly for their arrival/departure. Snow tyres or chains are compulsory in order to drive to and from Val Thorens.


A few top tips before you hit the road:

- In bad weather conditions, adapt your speed accordingly, take extra care and do not overtake.

- Listen to the radio (101 FM Virgin Radio Les Ménuires Val Thorens and 103.9 FM France Bleue Pays de Savoie), for regular road and traffic updates.

- Do not overtake snow clearing machines which are working ahead of you.

- Don’t forget your snow chains: make sure they are readily available, and have a go at fitting them on the wheels of your vehicle beforehand.

- Make sure you have plenty of warm clothes, electric torches and water with you.

- In the event of traffic jams, do not leave your vehicle without being expressly requested to do so by the police.

Special equipments are required throughout the Belleville Valley.


- Don’t forget your snow chains, remember to keep them somewhere accessible, and practise putting them on your vehicle before setting off.

- Equip yourself with warm clothing, an electric lamp, and drinking water.

- In the event of a traffic jam, don’t leave your vehicle unless you are asked to by officials or police.

Information will be passed on by local radio stations, VIRGIN Radio Val Thorens / Les Menuires (101.0 Mhz), and France Bleu Pays de Savoie (103.9 Mhz).


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