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In Val Thorens during the day cloudless sky. Highs upper -8 to -6 degrees.

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TOP Instagram: Our fans have talent!

Instagram is the perfect social network for sharing your holiday photos with family and friends! But how do you find THE best photo amongst the 145,000 posted on Instagram with the #ValThorens hashtag? Follow our guide, and we’ll reveal our favourite pix!


Despite what you may think, taking a selfie is no easy matter! A sucessful selfie requires long arms (or a selfie-stick) and amazing scenery!

The chair lift selfie: this is a classic but it works every time! Top tip: give your camera/phone to whoever’s sitting on the side of the chair lift!




The selfie “with my instructor”: useful for showing off with your friends!


The artistic selfie: you’ll need to think deeply for this one, and give full rein to your artistic flair!




Fancy Dress
If you fancy having a blast on the slopes and taking a stack of fun photos home with you, fancy dress is for you!

Mario Kart outfit: apparently Mario always gets to the bottom of the slopes first!


Crayola crayons: a fab way to do do a bit of advertising as you ride!






Animal outfits (and Teletubbies) :



Whoever said tobogganing was just for kids? In Val Thorens, toboganning is for kids AND adults!







All of these photos (which often use the #FAIL hashtag) have been taken a spilt second before disaster struck*. 








*We’d just like to point out that all of these people are safe and sound.


We’d like to congratulate all of Val Thorens’ Instagrammers for their creativity in this category!






It takes talent to build a good snowman. And it takes even more talent to build a Jurassic Park style T-Rex out of the snow!








You have to admit it, they are so cute when they play in the snow!















Our fans have captured their favourite dishes eaten in Val Thorens. If you’re feeling peckish, you might not want to look at these!








If you want to see the photos which were taken today in Val Thorens, have a look at our new fancams!

Join the 33,700 fans who’ve already signed up to follow us on Instagram!

And if you get the chance to pop into the Tourist Office in Val Thorens, you’ll see a whole load of our favourite pix on our amazing Instagram canvas!


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