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Taking care of your skin in the mountains

A week’s ski holiday, ahhhh - a well-earned breath of fresh air! But when you’re on holiday you do things differently, and your environment is different too. The cold, the dry air, the wind and the sun can all damage your skin. So how do you stop your lips from cracking, your hands from itching and your skin from being irritated?

Here are a few tips to help you during your stay.

- Keep your skin hydrated

The cold means our skin produces less sebum. All skin types, even greasy skin need extra care. Why? Because you’ll end up with dry patches, even cracks if your skin is too dry. So what’s the solution? Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise!

In the morning and evening, moisturise your face and neck with something like cold cream, which is rich in vegetable oil. Don’t forget to moisturise your hands too, especially if they are open to the elements during the day!

Your lips also need extra loving care as they don’t produce sebum and can quickly become dry. Slip a lip balm into your pocket and reapply throughout the day.

Finally, after you’ve had a shower make sure you put plenty of body lotion on to ensure you don’t get crocodile skin!

- Cover your face from the cold and wind

Conditions in the mountains can sometimes be very harsh. So what’s my technique? Well, I like to use lots of layers to allow the air to move and protect me from the wind and the cold. Don’t forget your neck, face and ears. Helmet or woolly hat, goggles or sunglasses, neck warmer or buff…just make sure as little skin is left on show as possible.
A word of advice: avoid having any fabric in front of your mouth or nose, because as soon as it gets damp it can be very unpleasant and may even freeze over (pull your neck warmer up over your chin, or have a spare buff - whatever works for you).

- Protect yourself from the sun

UV rays are greater in the mountains than in the valley. What’s more, the sun’s reflective power on the snow heightens the risk of sunburn. From March onwards, when it becomes sunnier, factor 50 suncream really is essential. Your skin is at risk even if it doesn’t feel warm, or if it’s a bit overcast, so dont forget to take the suncream with you and reapply during the day. Make sure you use total sunblock lip balm too.

UV rays are also very dangerous for your eyes. Sunglasses or goggles really are a must!

- Drink plenty of water

This has to be the easiest advice to follow, but also the most important. In the mountains, the atmospheric humidity is a lot lower, and taking part in sporting activities means you will lose water more quickly. It is really important to drink lots of water.

How about you? Do you have any pearls of wisdom that you’d like to share? If so, jot them down in the comments box below!


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