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Skiers' summer survival guide

Yes, it's the month of June, summer's here, but are you missing skiing? I've prepared a short guide to help you survive until next winter!

Let's start off with some simple but efficient remedies to quench your thirst for snow:

- Watch skiing films.
Between the films released this season and teasers for those to come, the major production companies TGR, Matchstick Level 1 and PVS are spoiling us. Whether you're an expert in street, freeride, or freestyle in a finely honed snowpark, there's something to suit everyone. Not to mention films from smaller production companies and amateurs, which are sure to be worth your viewing time!

To give you some tips, here are my favourites from amongst the recent releases:
- Supervention - Field Productions (NOR)
- Into the Mind - Sherpas Cinema (CA)
- Partly Cloudy - Level 1 Productions (USA)
- Valhalla - Sweetgrass Productions (USA)

The following great films are also worth watching and watching again:
- Level 1 Productions - Eye Trip
- Poor Boyz Productions - Revolver
- Matchstick Productions - The Way I See It

- Take skiing lessons.
Admittedly, it's better and more efficient to learn with an instructor on the actual ski runs but this time of year provides a good opportunity to revisit the basics and specific skiing techniques. A simple search for "ski lessons" on YouTube is a sound place to start, but lessons are also available on DVD or mobile phone apps.

- Work on your physical fitness.
It's never too early to start getting physically prepared.
Why wait? Take up a variety of sports activities (cycling, running, swimming...) now to develop your endurance, strength and balance; all useful qualities for those long ski days!

And if you're looking for specific training exercises, don't forget our article on getting physically fit for skiing.

- Book your stay for next season.
Yes, booking is already open for accommodation in Val Thorens. By booking earlier, you can enjoy the best rates and a wider choice.

- Maintain your equipment.
If you didn't do it at the end of last season, it's high time that you took care of your skis by reading the article on the subject I sent you this winter. This will ensure that your equipment is properly protected and ready for winter.

- Go shopping.
Spring and summer are ideal times to grab a bargain. If you don't necessarily want the latest model, you can also find ski equipment at reduced prices during clearance sales!

Finally, if you have the time and means, the best way of not missing skiing is to buy a plane ticket for the southern hemisphere and book a trip to Chile, Argentina or New Zealand, for example.

The more daring amongst you may wish to know that you can also ski on surfaces other than snow (sand, grass, pebbles) but beware of injuries and don't count on using your skis on the slopes afterwards!

Here's to next winter coming soon so we can get our skis back on!


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