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During the day in Val Thorens partly cloudy. 3 degrees in the morning to 6 a few hours later. Freezing level at 3000 meter.

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Seaside v mountainside

Seaside v mountainside

After a great weekend on the shores of Lake Lacanau on the Atlantic Coast, I had the great idea of comparing our two cultures: seaside v mountainside – after all, we’re not that different – and the pictures prove it!


Sand groomer v snow groomer


As the sun rises or night falls - on sand or slope - groomers remove every human and animal trace - and it’s the same routine night after night.


Surfer VS Riders


Freedom, thrills, communing with the elements – water or snow: the passion’s the same!



Sandcastle v snowman



“Coquillages et crustacées” sung by Brigitte Bardot v « Que la Montagne est belle » sung by Jean Ferrat.



Ah! Open spaces, the great outdoors, going back to basics, engaging with nature – if you love the sea then there’s a good chance you’ll love the mountains too, and vice versa. Whaddaya reckon?




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