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June the 21st, 5 things you could be doing this evening...

Summer Solstice, Night of nights, the summer feast of St Jean, a celebration of music or simply the start of summer! Since time immemorial, the longest day of the year has been marked in style!
Tonight, people in England will gather around Stonehenge’s standing stones, people in Austria’s remote valleys will light huge fires, and people in Sweden will dance around maypoles. Others will simply meet up with friends to scratch out a few harmonies on the guitar.
Essentially, tonight is all about being sociable, sharing, having a great time, and trying something new!
So how about you, do you have anything planned?
Whether you’re in Paris, Amsterdam, Oslo, London or Val Thorens, here are 5 things you could get up to tonight.
1/ Dress up as druids and pray for the sun to shine on your next weekend in the mountains!
They used to believe it worked in the old days…so why not give it a go! It’s now or never. Besides, it would be a shame if your weekend at the 3 Vallées Addict Tour was spoilt because you hadn’t prepared properly. Ah, the joys of Panoramix the druid!
2/ Drift off in a stargazing dream…
One, two, three shooting stars! Did you make a wish? Even though you’ll have to stay up late tonight to see them, make use of the extra time… to drift off into a reverie. Guaranteed freedom!
In fact, did you know that over 2,300 metres up, far away from town centres at the top of the Belleville Valley, Val Thorens is an especially prized site for astronomy enthusiasts? How about joining them at the Shooting Stars and Sports week this August?
3/ Link arms with your friends and have a singalong!
Is there a song that really gets you going, so much so you find yourself humming the words without realising you’re doing it? Tonight, link arms with the person next to you and sing your heart out… “You take the high road and I’ll take the low road…”.
4/ Run down a hill in a nearby field, holding hands!
Freedom!!! That feeling that you used to have at the age of 5, laughing as you ran through long grass. You’re never too old to be a child again so why not try it tonight? Give it a go with friends or a loved one. You’ll feel the euphoria almost right away!
And as Antoine de St Exupéry says “All grown-ups were once children (But few of them remember)”
If you love running through fields, the VT Summits Games 2016 is taking place between the 5th and 12th of August!
5/ Loosen your tie or undo your top button, get out your favourite summer sandals, put on your lucky t-shirt…
This 5th and final experience is perhaps the most important… it’s the experience of becoming (or staying) yourself! Take off the mask, relax and feel whole, free and happy.
Right, it’s time for you to decide what to do…take a few minutes to think about your plans for the evening.


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