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How can you tell I'm a skier when it's summer?

Summer oh summer….! It’s a difficult time for those skiers amongst us who don’t have the opportunity to head off to the southern hemisphere! But we’ve come up with a few tips to put a smile back on your face and let everyone know just how passionate you are about the sport.

Skier’s tan

If you could only have one sun kissed look, this would be the one to have! There can be no mistaking a skier’s tan.

It’s very easy to re-enact. When you head off to the beach, terrace or the pool, take your ski goggles with you, put them on and hey presto, you’re ready to catch some rays!

If you can’t see the suntan marks straight away, try again until you can.

PS: don’t forget to put sun cream on everywhere else, to avoid sunburn!

Skiing magazines at the beach

If the goggle tan isn’t your thing at the height of summer, or if you’ve been told it won’t look good on the wedding photos (!), here’s an alternative:

Rather than reading the latest bestseller as you lie on your beach towel, just take one of the latest ski magazines with you!

If you’re wired up, why not watch your favourite ski films on your iPad instead? Turn the sound up loud so your friends can join in too;-)

Your clothes say it all!

I’m not suggesting you should wear your fleece or Gore-Tex to the beach, but you could wear fun skiing t-shirts or souvenir t-shirts from your fave resort….

Here are a few examples:

Turn your old ski boots into a pair of rollerblades

If you’re a dab hand at DIY, try recycling your old ski boots into a pair of rollerblades. Take the wheels off your rollerblades, make some holes in your ski boots and screw the wheels in. It can make them a bit heavy so your best bet is to use ski touring boots if you’ve got some. Make sure you take care when screwing the wheels in, you don’t want to end up with holes in your feet!

Seriously though, you should give roller-skiing a go, it’s a fab way to get in shape for the winter season!

Ski deckchair

Make a deckchair out of old skis; a decorative and an essential part of your summer holiday. Sit back, relax and daydream about skiing…

If you have any other tips on how to let everyone around you know that you miss skiing, share them with us in the comment section below. Have a good summer :-)


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