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In need of some me-time? A bit of peace and quiet? To reconnect with who you really are?

Excellent, I have just the thing! There’s nothing better than some morning ski touring before the ski runs open for enjoying the physical and spiritual benefits of the mountains. You won’t believe how calming it feels… Unlike the hustle and bustle you’ll experience in the resort during the day, there’s nobody around, and no noise except for the sound of silence. A guaranteed escape from it all! It’s a chance to switch off and take a short break from everyday life.


You don’t need to be a professional, the only condition is that you’re capable of getting back down the slope you climb. There’s no pressure, everyone goes at their own pace, and most importantly of all, there’s no imposed time limit! During the climb, enjoy the landscapes and the peaceful natural surroundings.


Once you get to the top, the pride you’ll feel will be reward enough for all that effort! That’s when you can take the opportunity to admire the mountains around you. As a bonus: this can help to reduce the effects of day-to-day stress.


You’ll see, going downhill feels completely different to when you use the ski lifts to climb to the top. This time, you’ve done the hard work yourself so it’s a hundred times more rewarding! Once you’re back home, you’ll feel really reinvigorated and ready for all sorts of new positive emotions!


Has that given you a taste for it? Here’s some preparation advice:


-    What equipment do I need for the climb?
Ski base layer, ski pants, lightweight softshell ski jacket, lightweight gloves, a headband, a rucksack, a pair of touring skis (lighter skis equipped with special bindings), a pair of touring ski boots (lighter and more flexible than basic ski boots), a pair of sealskins (to stick on the base of your skis so you can climb without sliding backwards) and ski poles. Remember to bring a bottle of water and some dried fruit for a snack. If you don’t have your own ski touring equipment, it’s available to hire from a number of shops!


-    What should I wear for going downhill?
A pair of warm gloves, a scarf, a hat, ski goggles and a warm ski jacket.


-    What time should I set off?
I recommend that you set off around 7am, which will allow you to climb for a good hour, take a break at the top to admire the view, then get back to the bottom before the first skiers of the morning arrive.


-    Where should I go?
Every day around 5.30pm, the Slope Team tells the Tourist Office which runs are being groomed and when. That makes it easy to know the day before which runs will already have been groomed to make sure there’s no danger of running into a piste groomer at work. Visit the Tourist Office to find out which runs are open to ski tourers. Please note, it is strictly forbidden to go ski touring on a run not expressly allocated for the discipline.


Here are a few photos of a morning session on the Pluviomètre run, to give you a taster of the experience and to show you the sunrise:




So, how about it? Are you going to give it a go tomorrow morning?



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