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In Val Thorens during the day mostly cloudy, light snowfall. Highs upper -9 to -7 degrees.

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Christmas and New Year festivities - Val Thorens-style

In just a few days, the end of year festivities will begin. Christmas, New Year, Epiphany....precious moments to share with your loved ones.


What if you shook things up a little?
What if your Christmas and New Year’s Eve celebrations were different this year?
What if you added a little Val Thorens to your celebrations?


Simple and authentic table decorations

Christmas looks set to be whiter than ever with December’s snowfalls covering the chalet rooftops with a thick layer of snow. We suggest a clean white tablecloth on which you can sprinkle powdered snow. You could also add wooden animals (deer are everywhere this year!) or little nativity figures.
Not sure about the table settings? Why don’t you print off some photos of Val Thorens (black and white would be good to stick with the theme)? You’ll just need to laminate them and then you’re done.

Download some nice picture ;-)


Our top tip for staying calm?
How about writing a personal note or heartfelt quote to each guest? By slipping it beneath the napkin or leaving it on the plate, you’ll create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.


A highly original last minute gift

Has someone in your family accidentally been missed off your shopping list?
There’s no need to dash into town; have you heard of the city colouring maps?
Following on from Barcelona and Switzerland, this year Val Thorens has its very own colouring map.
Will you be able to find all of the main places in the resort?


How do you keep your children entertained the night before Christmas?

In just a few hours Father Christmas will be calling…but how do you keep the children busy until then?! Don’t stress, we’ve got the answer: a creative workshop! You’ll even be able to hang their creation on the tree ;)
All you need is some cardboard, some wool, some felt and a Stanley knife:


Step 1 - Using a template, draw a star on the cardboard and a reindeer on the felt.
Step 2 - Use a Stanley knife to cut out the shapes
Step 3 - Draw eyes and a mouth on the reindeer and stick it on the star
Step 4 - Wind the wool around the star’s edges and create a little hook
Step 5 - Hang it on the tree


If you are in Val Thorens over the holidays, don’t hesitate to sign your little ones up to our children’s workshops



Our top tip for staying calm?
Did you know that music can have a calming effect? A little Christmas music and some dimmed lighting will work wonders on even the most impatient little elves.


A tasty fondue?
There’s no dish that’s more typical of the mountains than a tasty fondue! You can always be sure to enjoy a delicious meal in a fun and sociable atmosphere. Do you prefer the Savoyard, Swiss or Val Thorens version?
Discover our beautiful valley’s specialities.
Find out all there is to know about fondue

Our top tip for staying calm?
So you don’t get a forfeit when you drop your bread in the cheese, make sure you put your fork through the crust first, then through the inside of the bread, then back through the crust. That way, you’re sure to be able to eat your bread without any chance of it falling into the cheese! Did you know that wholemeal bread is better for you than white bread?


Do you have any top tips to share on how to make your Christmas or New Year’s celebrations unique?


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