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A little, a lot, passionately... even more when we're skiing!

Do you love him/her? A little…a lot…passionately…and even wearing ski gear!

You’ve decided to take your loved one on a snowsports trip. What a fab idea!

But it doesn’t take much to rock the love boat:) … So we’ve concocted a few little guidelines to help you enjoy an idyllic time together without the slightest incident, making this snowsports experience the backdrop for true love!



5 ways to show your love… whilst wearing your ski gear!

1 - At the chairlift, you do your utmost to make sure it’s just the two of you…snuggling up together, even if you have to pretend you’ve got an issue with your skipass to let the group of impatient lads behind you go first.

2 - Your brush up on your Alpine geography before taking your sweetheart to admire the most amazing panoramic views in the resort. Never waste an opportunity to impress!

3 - Your bring along a flask of hot coffee, made just the way he/she likes it…what a lovely surprise for elevenses!

4 - You ski faster than him/her … but don’t be the first to hit the slopes. Take your time and offer a few helpful tips. «Catch me if you can» is not what it’s about here!

5 - Don’t get yourself into any unecessary difficulty; the discussions you’ll have after spending three hours in the middle of the Bouquetin black run, or when you’ve missed the last connection to get back to your apartment will be heated to say the least!



5 things NOT to do!

1 - Chairlifts? The perfect time to see how many likes your last post got: «See, my ex has just commented on my selfie!»

2 - You prefer the run on the right, he/she prefers the one on the left.. «It’s every man for himself….see you at the bottom!»

3 - You don’t like to be weighed down when you’re skiing… «Darling, can you carry my passport, credit card, keys to the apartment and the packet of tissues. You’ve got the lipbalm haven’t you?»

4 - His/her rental boots hurt. «Don’t worry, you just need to get used to them!»

5 - At the slopeside restaurant he/she prefers the cosy atmosphere of the dining room, whilst you prefer the terrace… «Come on darling, it would do you good to get some colour in your cheeks!»



If you’ve got any other advice, don’t hesitate to share it with us!


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