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13 photos to bring a smile to your face!

Are you in front of your computer at work? On the tube watching the stations pass by? Or at home, sat cosily on the sofa?

How about taking a little break? A few minutes to escape, get away from the daily grind, and daydream...

We promise that it will do you a world of good!


Here are 13 photos that will transport you far, far away. Enjoy your trip!



After a few minutes' climb, you're here. From slopeside restaurants or the ski area's summits, every sunset at the top of Les 3 Vallées is unique. A magical moment of escapism to share.





Shhh... the little ones are happily off in the land of nod... It feels so good to take your time!





3,200 metres up... The Alps offer themselves to you! With summits as far as the eye can see, and an immense white space beneath your feet, are you ready to take your best ever selfie?





"It's not bad here is it?!" That's it, the conversation has begun! Sitting comfortably, the first connection has been made. As for the next... we have faith in you!





Bubbles, huge bubbles! Relaxing comfortably between two massage jets with your eyes closed, your mind is completely clear. Take the time to really live...





"She's really pretty and what's more, she's awesome at turning!" that's it, the baby of the family has fallen in love. Where better than the beginners' slopes to get hearts racing!





Spending time together like when you first met. She looks back on their first kiss? it wasn't perfect, but so heartfelt. He'll never forget the twinkle in her eye... How about you?





Your pulse quickens... and you're off! You're carried through the air like an eagle crossing the valley! You've always dreamt of flying...





The flour on the end of his nose means that he's cooking tonight. And his best friend has come over too. "My shortbread looks better than yours!" He really shouldn't have said that...





The snow crunches on every turn, the edges of your skis leave delicate tracks behind you... A smile lights up your face! It feels good to leave your tracks... but don't hang around... your friends are right behind you!





It only takes one person to start it off before the whole group is falling about. Happiness is contagious and rest assured, there's no cure!





Ski, snow and sun! An obligatory course of sunshine, with a little nap on the horizon... a well-deserved rest!





The conditions are perfect... it's the evening. You've been practising the words in your head all day. Your heart is racing... it's time to pop the question!


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